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One Stop Shops (10 days ago)

I was listening to the Sunny 16 podcast for the first time the other day and it brought up the ‘Free Film’ truprint issue I posted about. It’s funny how the market seems to have split apart and the one stop shops of old really seem not to exist anymore. Paul McKay was the guest of Analogue Wonderland, a new UK online store specialising in film and was talking about how he hopes to someday bring this about.
You’ve got:

Some crossover and do a bit more than only one thing, but not many do it all, not many have the kind of slick dev+scan+film replenishment ordering that you’d expect. Printing off confusing mail order forms? Seems odd these days.

The fascinating thing about the industry at the moment to me is how the methods and technology that ‘Digital’ (ugh I hate the use of that term like this, but I can’t think how else to put it) has brought. How the mixture of analogue and digital technologies has combined to produce something different. Digital and Film don’t need to and shouldn’t compete, they are now different things. For many uses, digital has no competition – and that’s fine! But there is still a place for film, and what we have learn and developed with digital technologies can be injected into the old film ways to make it anew.



Hmm sorry, got a little waffley there I think.

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