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#GE2015 Thoughts (15 days ago)

Another election over with, this time some quite big surprises.

When the exit poll came in I think everyone was shocked. It was way off of what the opinion polls had been saying for months. So everyone wrote it off really – Paddy Ashdown said he’d eat his hat – but the exit poll turned out to not quite even go far enough, the Conservatives ended up with a 12 seat majority, something nobody expected.

So the analysis starts voters weren’t asking themselves ‘Which of the two parties do I want to win?’ but ‘Which coalition do I want? but I keep going back to this blog by Paul Mason Three new tribes of voters will dominate this election it goes to explain why perhaps there are all these disenfranchised voters who feel nobody speaks for them. The small parties they might want stand no chance under FPTP.

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