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Daniel Nisbet

Me recursive pointing
Last Known Location Manchester, UK
Age 32
Last played Wonder Beer by Naked Raygun
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Last blog A Tale of Two Beer Festivals (in one city)
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I was attracted to Manchester for University because of the course I wanted to take but also the size and history of the city (ok ok, and the gigs, the great number of gigs I managed to average in my first year of Uni...). Not small, not too big, punching above it's weight in many areas including culture and science. I've now lived here over a decade in various areas of the city.

I work in IT. I've always worked in IT and never wanted to do anything else.


I work for the University of Manchester in Research IT. I specialise in Systems Administration, and currently work on Computationally intensive research system platforms and the infrastructure that supports them. Previously I helped looked after the University's email infrastructure. This is my staff web page, information about my team can be found here


I like to take pictures and upload them to flickr but they seem to end up in differing online serives these days, listen to music (spotify, last.fm), watch Rugby, Films and TV. These days I am often to be found in the cinema.


My public key for PGP is here


My bitcoin address: 1P8EQtuUfuzcxhfcFTtheyuCZ6X166DoW5