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a April 2nd, 2005

  1. To Start off with…

    April 2, 2005 by Daniel

    OK so some CD’s i’ve bought in the holidays (or well a couple are in the week before I came home, but I don’t count that week because I was ill in bed for most of it).

    •Hell Is For HeroesTransmit Disrupt
    •Rough Trade: Counter Culture 04 Best of 2004
    •Thursday – Full Collapse
    •Kaiser Chiefs – Employment
    •Late Night Tales – The Flaming Lips
    •Queens of The Stone Age – Lullabies To Paralyze

  2. What to do

    April 2, 2005 by Daniel

    So in my general browsing of my many(!) friends on livejournal I think i've decided what i'm gonna do with it.
    It's not going to be a journal thing really. I'm going to limit it to music and things entailed within that.
    So basically this thing is going to be about:

    <li>What CD's I've just bought / What CD's are on my shopping list
    <li>Tracks that have caught my eye
    <li>What gig's i'm off to, what i've just bought tickets for,

    Simple really. So now to get on with it.

    I'll also eventually try to do a count of my cd's and then I can use this to keep track of how many i'm supposed to have (I always lose some when I move, either from home to manchester or moving around manchester – not to mention people i've leant cd's to, forgotten all about it and never got them back. Grrr!)

    Also, I'll try to be honest and not *cool* about what i'm thinking about songs and stuff. I've always tried to concentrate on things "I" like and not what i'm being told to like by the media etc.