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a April 3rd, 2005

  1. Glastonbury Sold Out

    April 3, 2005 by Daniel

    <i>"Tickets for GLASTONBURY 2005 have once more sold out in record time.

    All 112,000 tickets for June’s festival – which went on sale at 9am this morning – have sold out in under three hours.

    A message on official online booking service reads “sorry, but all tickets for Glastonbury 2005 have now been sold and no more will be made available.�

    Following last year’s speedy sell-out, which saw the telephone exchange collapse due to demand and thousands of people waiting for hours uncertain whether they had been successful, steps had been taken to make the ticketing process smoother.

    But with an estimated 2million people all out for the same batch of tickets, getting a ticket for Glastonbury 2005 was always going to be a lottery, in which many would be left disappointed.

    For those lucky enough to snap up the tickets this morning, Glastonbury 2005 takes place June 24-26 and is expected to feature The White Stripes, Coldplay, New Order and Kylie."</i>

    I've actually seen Coldplay and Kylie play the same event before. Leicester played host to a Radio 1 event a good few years ago in Victoria Park. Looking forward to White Stripes and New Order (me being a pseudo-manc now)

  2. Glastonbury 2005

    April 3, 2005 by Daniel

    Having met Ben and Kate at uni this year ad hearing them rave about <a href="">Glastonbury</a> and the fact that I watch it every year on TV and wish I was there I decided i'd make the effort to get a ticket this year.
    So this morning I got up early, fired up a few browser windows on my sister's iMac (my PowerBook is poorly and in the shop awaiting a new hard disk).

    I think somebody should make a short film about the trails of getting a ticket. One moment you think you're close, the next you're seemingly miles away.
    I got to the money form, entered my egg card details -it got rejected, they're not taking money from credit cards. At this point the site is working fairly well, slightly sluggish but you can get through on the second or so attempt.
    So damn can't sue that card, run to my room to get my debit card, praying I have enough in the bank to pay for this thing. And then the rush has hit the site and I spend an hour trying to get to the next stage..

    Anyway, I got the ticket and i'm very excited. I just hope Kate gets one, I know Ben has already and Dan Smith managed to as well. It would be really great if we could all camp next to eachother..