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7th May, 2005 by Daniel

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Another gig..

Kate and her friend Natalia LOVE this band. Kate bought me the ticket, I listened to the CD and thought hey, actually these really are pretty good. The gig was great we were on the front row. Which wasn’t so great as you have to think about things like breathing and such that detracts from just enjoying what’s going on onstage.
The gig was coheadlined by riseagainst who I think my require some further listening and there was a funny austrian punk support band called redlight flash. Sometimes I think English in a German accent is so funny. “Are you all having a nice time?!”

As always pictures on flickr. The picture i’ve posted here is by Natalia, Kate’s put some up there also.

P5050014.JPGP5050031.JPGP5050053.JPGDallas Green

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