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5th May, 2005 by Daniel

My ”day job” had it”s election for the next station manager on tuesday. As production head I was allowed to be involved with the count etc.
Minnie won, she definately had the strongest speech, hence why she”s a good DJ. We”ll see about being a good manager. She does at least have committee level experience which will help her understand how things work, what can be changed easily and what can”t, where our limitations are basically.
The website message board members, well at least one of anyway, are unhappy though. They felt that certain candidates had just brought along as many friends as they could, thereby rigging the vote. All I can say is, they are members of Fuse and get a vote. Not much you can do about it really.

So why didn”t I go for it? Well
a) I don”t know what i”m doing next year yet
b) I don”t like that the whole vote is basically on one speech that is given right before the vote (me being a computer geek would kick in and bad public speaking could take over)

But it”s a job I would absolutely love, I think I would do a great job of it. I now have 5 years of radio experience, which is more than anybody at fuse could gain during their degree (with exceptions of masters etc. and Tom, John et al who seem to have been there forever).
Martin, the previous manager had whispered to me before Pete got in that I should go for it someday. But it”s a lot of work and I don”t think I could sacrifice my degree for it. Basically I think I would only do a good job of it if it was a sabbatical. If it was a sabbatical (like Student Direct is) then I would treat it as it should be, a proper full time job, not something for my CV or to make sure I stay at uni for longer, I would be doing it because of my love of radio, wanting to be involved and because I think it”s something I”m actually naturally good at.

Ah well. Dreams.

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