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a December 9th, 2005

  1. Hello

    December 9, 2005 by Daniel

    Yes, I am still here!
    Not much happening really this week. My presentation is on tuesday, went to see Bill Black about it today that was a bit of a harsh meeting but oh well, plenty to do now to prepare…
    Got one other piece due in next week will probably be starting that wednesday.
    Tomorrow night I’m going to take Kate to the uni panto I go to every year. It’s done by Rag and a few of my friends from halls are involved. Sunday we’re going to my friend Chris’ Choral recital. Should be a bit of a change.

    And yes the family have finally moved. My home residence is no longer Outwoods Drive, Loughborough. The Nisbet family is now resident in the village of Walton-on-the-wolds.

    Of other note, I found a new little app that tells me where and when my laptop and iPod were made.

    Laptop: PowerBook G4 12″ 867Mhz G4
    Taiwan: Between 30/06/2003 and 6/7/2003

    iPod. 20GB 3rd Generation
    China: Between 14/6/2004 and 20/6/2004