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April, 2008

  1. My non 5 minutes

    April 29, 2008 by Daniel

    Mum left me a message on my phone tonight saying she thought she’d seen me on the news.
    Becuase of the wonders of the internet I was able to track down the story and watch it back for myself. And find that it wasn’t me.

    Channel 4 News

    Ironically it was about the collapse of the net as we know it due to scarce bandwidth and the rise of iPlayer etc while I wasted bandwidth finding out that a person in a data centre wasn’t me.

    Of course the whole story is rubbish. The ‘Exaflood’ isn’t going to be a problem.

  2. Council Elections

    April 29, 2008 by Daniel

    Council elections are up again this Mayday and like last time (last year? year before?) i’m struggling. The amount of information out there is awful I think for council elections.
    General Elections, fair enough loads of information last time round – but for this year I searched for the candidates in our area and I couldn’t find websites for them.
    I think with Council elections an even more personal touch is needed. I want to know what they’re going to do in my area, not just what their party thinks is best for the country – i’m happy for those issues to be left to a general election. At the moment in Manchester the biggest issue is probably the will they won’t they on the congestion charge. I haven’t quite decided where I stand but I think it’s actually not a bad idea, just not quite right in it’s current form.

    The only thing relevant I’ve found so far is this news report from radio 1’s newsbeat of all places. I’m not normally a fan of newsbeats journalism.

    The only flyer i’ve recieved from a candidate was from the BNP. What message does that send?

  3. Tips for Rack owners

    April 28, 2008 by Daniel

    If you have a rack in colo or otherwise in a remote location here’s a couple of tips to help the guy at the other end you’ll end up ringing in a panic at 2am some day.

    1) Documentation
    You can be really proud of the neat cabling in the rack but it means nothing to me if it’s all super tied down so you can’t trace a cable from server to switch. Is it really so hard once you’ve racked up your kit to fire up Excel and make a note of where everything got put and what it got plugged into? Some people even take pictures, the best people will tell you what U, what power, what switchport as well as the label on the server (you’d be surprised how many don’t even do the label part).

    2) Location
    If you call up and don’t even know the location of your rack in the building then telling me to restart a 1U black dell server isn’t going to get us very far. I would begin with telling them what company you are with or rent the rack from followed by building, room name, rack number. Then we can get to the specifics..

    If it’s been a long while since you even looked at the rack photos will help. Don’t bother with Cable management arms, they rarely make things easier.

  4. Server Hate

    April 24, 2008 by Daniel

    I think I might start posting about some IT things I see in the datacentre.

    Got a plain old power cycle request today for a fairly old HP machine.
    Went to the machine, tunred out it wasn’t powered up, tried unplugging it, putting power back, still nothing. Grabbed a new kettle lead, plugged it in, POP! Whole rack goes down, none of the servers had redundant power. Then spent the next hour on the phone to the US painstakingly bringing up the servers.


    If you haven’t seen Office Space go and rent it now. If you need a star to draw you in, it’s got Jennifer Aniston actually doing well at acting in something that’s not Friends.

  5. first post!

    April 23, 2008 by Daniel

    I got bored, and this was the result.