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May, 2008

  1. StrongBad Game!

    May 30, 2008 by Daniel

    They’re making a Strong Bad game!

    Loving the accompanying blog:

    StrongBad game blog

    I’m having a hard time wrapping my gorgeous brain around this whole ‘digital distribution’ thing. I look up SBCG4AP on all these gaming websites and they’re like “Box art not available.” So I asked some smelly Telltale about it and he was like “Blah blah blah no box. Bling bling bloo digital.” I threw my coffee at his face.

    So fine, I get it, no box art. It’s only the coolest part of having your own videogame. But the real question is, if the game is all nebulous and floating around in the ether, then HOW is it going to have it’s own A-B switch? Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about? Well take a look at my good friend MIG-29 Soviet Fighter for the NES.

    No, no. Flip that shiny mess over.

    That’s right. There’s a good chance this game might not work at all and they know it. Instead of fixing that problem, they stuck a SWITCH on the back of the cartridge so YOU get to fix it. I felt just like a video game programmer! That’s all they do all day, flip switches back and forth from A to B, right? And smell like crabcakes?

  2. Football in Manchetser

    May 17, 2008 by Daniel

    The rangers v zenit game this week had a huge impact on the city. We were literally taken over by Glasweigan’s and it was good fun for the most part.
    But when I went into work on wednesday it did seem to only be heading one way. By 1000 am most people seemed pretty much on their way to being drunk and another 10 hours in the sun wasn’t going to help.
    I know the vast majority of people were well behaved, but most people are generally. I head the ambulances had more call outs than on New Year’s Eve, how does that work?
    And people are saying ‘the screen shouldn’t have failed’ and I agree it shouldn’t, but when the technicians were there desperately trying to fix it, did the crowd help? no, they threw their empty bottles and cans at them – and I think the technicians were completely justified at that point in downing tools and leaving.

    And all this was before they lost. Proceeding to set on police until late in the night, the next day the council gets blamed for everything.
    I don’t think it was anybody’s fault, you can’t blame the screen for failing, you can’t blame the council for not being prepared because they put on lots of things, they’d got tankers of carlsberg in, closed off our town square AND city centre space – picadilly gardens. They even managed to have another screen ready at the Velodrome.
    Yesterday, 2 days on, they were still picking up rubbish.

    My question is why didn’t they just put it on at an out of town venue in the first place, Heaton Park or even Old Trafford?

    And the result?
    At the moment the council are refusing to put anything on for Manchester United’s Champions League final (there is the argument that Mancs aren’t United fans, but we’ll not go into that now).

  3. ars now owned by same company as wired

    May 17, 2008 by Daniel

    My two favourite tech news sites are now owned by the same people. Not sure what to think, I hope they don’t merge them.
    I especially love Iljitsch van Beijnum‘s articles on IPv6.

    Conde Nast Aquires Ars Technica

  4. Radio

    May 12, 2008 by Daniel

    A forgotten aspect of radio… So you’d be listening and up pops a song that you love or have been trying to get your mate to listen to.
    Wouldn’t it be cool to be working on your computer and be told when that’s likely to be happening in real time?
    BBC Radio Labs

  5. chuckle brothers

    May 12, 2008 by Daniel

    Spotted with a very smart PR campaign for their show:


    Playing at Weson-super-mare this past weekend.

  6. May 1, 2008 by Daniel

    I feel like this sometimes.

    I wish I could do this sometimes.

  7. May 1, 2008 by Daniel

    I feel like this sometimes.

    I wish I could do this sometimes.