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15th March, 2009 by Daniel

We’ll be buying one of the new Mac Mini’s soon so I wanted to reflect on some Apple related things for a bit. I can remember getting each of my Mac’s clearly.

I’ve been using Macs since I started Year 7 where my School used them throughout, perhaps even before that actually as I used to go up on Summer playschemes whilst at primary school (so perhaps 1995?). The Head of IT was a massive fan and this being back in 1997 Mac’s were hardly seen as cool or nearly as pervasive as they are now.
We had classrooms full of Macintosh Classics and later IIcx & IIci’s and as I started to get to know them I thought they were brilliant.
My Dad had PC’s at home- Acorn’s, Amstards, a 486 Windows 3.1 box and I felt they just weren’t a patch on the already aged machines I was using at school. How could machines built years before still feel current and useful?
So I knew then I wanted one, I found out the IT Head who he got them from and convinced my parents to buy me one. I don’t know what they thought at the time, but they must have smelt a deal. I got a Macintosh IIci for myself – a machine already 9 years old.

My next computer wasn’t till 2000 and in the time between I had gone through every nook and cranny of the IIci pushing it to the limit, finding out what every setting would achieve.

I then got my Ruby iMac DV+ which is still in the loft at my parents house. I’d made sure I got the version with DVD but unlike machines nowadays removable storage was an issue. iMac’s had no floopy drives, USB sticks weren’t nearly as prevalent as they are now and emailing larger files was cumbersome over a dialup modem. In the following years I bought a USB floppy drive and an external LaCie CD writer – best CD writer i’ve ever had – rarely failed discs unlike now when I simply have to look at a CD writer and it fails to write another coaster of a CD.
This workhorse of a computer took me from OS 9 to OS X, through GCSE’s and A-Levels up to university when I donated it to my sister who subsequently has used it for her GCSE’s and A-Levels. Now that’s longevity and value for money.

In 2003 before I went to unviersity I bought a PowerBook G4 12″, which I still use as my primary machine at home to this day. It’s a bit worn now but probably because I’ve found it so durable. This machine was my first laptop and i’ve found they don’t age as well as desktops. But that’s probably down to dropping it so many times and REALLY pushing it’s limits. I haven’t reformatted it since 2005 so that probably has something to do with it too.

I managed to find a still working Macintosh Classic at work recently, it was the machine I originally wanted all those years ago.

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