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April, 2009

  1. London

    April 27, 2009 by Daniel

    Went down to London this weekend to see Rodney off to Australia and to wish Paul happy birthday. We’re a bit skint this month so we decided to go by Coach. It’s quite a big decision and you really feel it 4 hours in. Thankfully our iPhone’s seemed to have saved the day with both Kate and I using Stanza to read some eBooks whilst listening to music. For the journeys I was trying to catch up on some things I’d not got round to listening to yet:
    Dan Auerbach
    Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip
    Robert Wyatt
    whilst reading Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.

    Lucy, Spring Classic 09 WinnerOn Saturday we had great fun playing Pitch & Putt which I hadn’t done for years. We did a bit of Golf with Liz & Chris last summer and I had surprised myself by how far I was able to hit it. This time the length was good again, but accuracy not so. But I’m willing to do it again. I think Kate enjoyed it too, so we may even go and play at Heaton Park when Liz & Chris visit next.
    Team SlarmerbitI hadn’t realised this beforehand but we were entering into an annual event that they play between themselves. Last years winner provides the trophy, the loser brings the wooden spoon. Paul decided on the handicaps for everyone so that everybody has a good chance at winning. Kate (handicap 8) and I (6) were paired up with Liz (8) & Chris (3). It’s a par 3 course and a very pleasant day.

    Of course there was some Alcohol involved and we’d met up in the pub beforehand and that continued on afterwards and some very nice places around Richmond. We finished up in a place that was the only nightclub-ish place in Richmond and at first I thought it was going to be horrible with some awful music on. But as it went on the music improved and we had a great time.

    On Sunday we were a bit late up, but managed to get to Lords for 2 to meet Pelling and watch a bit of Middlesex vs Scotland. Unfortunately the timing was a bit bad for us as we needed to get to Victoria for our coach and so leave about 4.15 and of course it was a One-day match and the first 50 overs finished about half 3 or so with play not resuming until 4. So we decided we should leave at 4 and to our surprise we were aloud onto the pitch to have a bit of a mill around.

    The coach back was courtesy of Megabus. We’d gone down with National Express, which I have to say as coaches go are worth the extra ¬£3 each for comfort and the fact that it had a toilet. Sunday night’s ride just seemed to go on forever and the coach was really warm too. Not sure when we’ll be going to London next though as the Slarmers are moving to Scotland so we’ll be training up to there most likely.

    In other news it seems like our house hunting will go on, we think the house we’d put an offer on is a bit crooked and it would be a bit too much of a risk.

  2. Monsters VS Aliens

    April 24, 2009 by Daniel

    Last night I saw my first 3D movie. I’m not sure how many movies firsts I can pin down like that. I have no idea what film I saw first was, at home or in the cinema. I can’t remember what my first film in Manchester was either. But this was the first time I’d worn special glasses to see a moving image that had a narrative device. At uni i’d seen them demonstrate 3D using glasses that had a special synchronised poloraity flickr, a bit more complex than the one’s we wore last night but probably no more effective. And in addition the movie was at the IMAX, I was probably grinning for the first 20 mins and would have regardless of what was on screen.
    So then we come to the film itself. It was one in the style of Toy Story – kids movie but with knowing nods to the Adults watching and watchable it was. It was amusing and had interesting characters and interesting ‘spot the reference’ nudges.
    So yeah if there’s a film coming out and it’s in 3D go for the experience. I’m not sure how many places are doing it yet but the IMAX in Manchester certainly is and it’s going to be a big summer in the IMAX I think.

  3. The Damned United

    April 20, 2009 by Daniel

    Sometimes the best things about films is the links between them. Not only links in stories and working out the references, Kevin Smith films for Star Wars, etc but links between cast & crew. JJ Abrahms often reuses actors for different projects, so does Aaron Sorkin, Martin Scorsese and you can see why. You get a continuity between films and obviously it’s easier to work with people you already know.
    After watching The Damned United Kate and I had lots to talk about, it was a great film and needs no knowledge of liking of football to enjoy and Martin Sheen was as always eerily great at portraying and real life character. We were thinking that a Martin Sheen / Peter Morgan (screenwriter of The Queen, Frost/Nixon and Damned United) would be a great watch. Another example of reusing people in projects.

    I also like it when you get a sort of apex of talent coming together in one great project. We were re watching State of Play this weekend (still not sure about going to see the film – American rewrites not the most appealing although I did end up liking High Fidelity – but would I like it more if it were still set in London?). So many people you recognise in it – Bill Nighy, John Simm, Paddy & Debby from Shameless. All of course there because it was written by Paul Abbot.

  4. Easter

    April 14, 2009 by Daniel

    An action packed Easter weekend just gone. Lots of pictures taken and much fun had, will write about it later.
    For now a quick roundup of things watched:

    Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead
    Very much enjoyed this. It’ll be a shame when David Tennant finished, but also a shame that Michelle Ryan won’t be an assistant as I thought she was great with the Doctor. But alas she had slightly un-heroine-like morals which don’t suit well with the current assistant types they are going for.

    The Boat That Rocked
    We’d been itching to go see this since we’d heard about it. Great idea for a story, made me nostalgic for my radio presenting days. Probably worth going for the soundtrack. But how did they manage to get Phillip Seymour Hoffman in it? One of my favourite actors.

    We saw it at Weston Super Mare’s Odeon, which although a bit small had a lot of charm (but some annoying fellow cinemagoers, I miss our cosmopolitan AMC sometimes). There were some great trailers. Should be a good summer for Blockbusters, tickets already booked for Star Trek at the IMAX. But looking forward to Wolverine and some 3D films which should be interesting.

  5. Big Weekend

    April 6, 2009 by Daniel

    Originally uploaded by dnisbet

    Had a lovely weekend, was Dave and Justin’s birthday on Friday (how weird is it that they were born the same year, same day?).
    On Friday I went straight from work to The Garrat, which I’d not been to before but was actually pleasantly surprised by. This via meeting Kate who’d spent the day with her friend Helen who’s going to be moving up to Manchester, as a result Kate didn’t have time to leave the car at home and had to park near the train station somewhere (a notoriously dodgy area but the car was fine the next morning!). We managed to meet up with Helen who was just up for a quick visit briefly later on in the night).
    At the Garrat where Dave was drinking with work colleagues, Rob turned up with his brother Joanathon which was somewhat unexpected. Un expected possibly as we’d not seen him ages so it was all a little awkward.
    photo.jpgSo off we went for the meal at Cafe Rouge, which was a slight disaster. Kate and I don’t seem to have the best luck in restaurants, they’d got mine wrong so I sent it back and had to wait an age for it to come back out while Kate’s Caesar Salad arrived after everybody else had finished (but still slightly before mine). So we had a bit of an argument with the waitress who in her French way apologised and tried to explain it wasn’t her fault but everyone else agreed with us, who else’s fault could it be?!
    But all was well once we presented Dave with his birthday cake which Kate had made – it was a pimped Fondant Fancy which we know Dave is partial too and there was enough to go round for 11 of us and some spare for him to take home.

    We then went on to the Northern Quarter and the expensive drinks that entails at Trof, meeting up with Helen in the superiour, cheaper & better music at Odd.

    On Saturday Kate and I had a nice day in after venturing out early to fetch the car, grab food for the day and nursed hangovers watching TV & Films on the Sofa.

    Sunday we had decided on Friday we’d go for what’s fast becoming a traditional roast. We’ve yet to set a traditional venue but this week it was The Didsbury so we picked up Justin from his place in Withington and sat outside all afternoon having met up with Dave, his girlfriend Claire, Zoe and her cousin Becky plus her boyfriend Rob.
    We went back to Justin’s flat afterwards which we hadn’t been to before and was very nice and talked til very late with him and his house mates Fry, Kane & Lydia.

    So all in all a good weekend. Lots of talking, laughing & lots of drinking

  6. The Young Victoria

    April 1, 2009 by Daniel

    Very much enjoyed this film¬†last night, we went to see it up at Pilsworth with my sister and went for a Chiquito’s beforehand.
    I learn a lot that I didn’t know before – most about the timeline of events but also she was the first monarch to live in Buckingham palace and how much pressure she was under from her relatives.
    Hannah’s on her easter hols from uni so came up on the train yesterday – I showed here where I work and she said something along the lines of ‘don’t really know what i’m looking at but it looks cool!’. Which is a pretty standard reaction!