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15th July, 2009 by Daniel

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Took advantage of Vue nice cheap day Tuesday card and the money off voucher they give you every time you go (how does that work, why not just reduce the price in the first place?).

Not much to be said really it was funny, wonderfully offensive. In the slightly empty large screen in Pilmsworth it’s an interesting audience compared to the cinemas in central Manchester – more your average citizens I suppose so it’s interesting to see the reactions.
It’s also kind of a different genre of film than anything else – it’s not really fiction or fact, there’s a narrative of sorts but I wouldn’t really call it drama or documentary either.
It’s great seeing Sacha Baron Cohen having a go at people though and the great thing is he doesn’t really on anybody else to do what he wants – he’s kind of out there on his own, looking for the next PC group to spear and go on ad nauseam for a long time

Upcoming films:
Two interesting trailers
Shutter Island

Funny People
Apple Trailers

Judd Apatow, producing, directing and writing a film with lots of the people I like a lot in it and Adam Sandler, who for the most part I dislike but does come out with the odd corker – 50 First Dates, The Waterboy

Sherlock Holmes

I like Guy Ritchie, I always want his films to be good.

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