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Harry Potter 6

20th July, 2009 by Daniel

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

At the moment it seems for us if you release it in IMAX that’s where we’ll go and see it. I think of all the films released in the format this year we haven’t gone to see only 1 of them – it was a kids film.
But here’s a kids film that we all love (and especially if your local IMAX puts on special midnight over-18s showings).
I’d been hovering over the book tickets button on the Odeon’s website for days, i’d missed the time where I could get a good seat in Premier and was resigned to having to queue up early outside the screen so as not to be lumbered with a neck aching seat closer to the massive screen, but lo a pair of seats was still available for the late showing on Saturday – I was a little worried about being able to stay up, but I have to say I had no problems whatsoever. I remember reading the book but was gripped by the story nonetheless. Another nice touch for the IMAX version was the inclusion of a 3D beginning, now I’m in two minds of this at the moment – firstly it’s a shame there wasn’t more of it, it felt like a bit of a screen test and I think they missed a trick in not doing Quidditch in 3D but I suppose they had to keep it altogether at the beginning.
Harry Potter
Kate -  A Hogwarts AlumnusMe With the Silly Glasses
Alan Rickman was awesome as Snape and Daniel Radcliffe has managed to learn how to act. My feeling about this film was that it was very focused on the main storyline, there were very few distractions or deviations from it – all the setup has been done in the previous films, you don’t need to see them in lessons or really actually doing very much magic anymore.

So it’s all set up nicely for the next book, which they’ve decided to torture us with and do a Kill Bill style split into two films. I wonder how they’ll time the releases to maximise profit, one in the summer, one at Christmas holidays?
Reminds me, still need to get the rest of them on Blu-Ray.

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