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6th July, 2009 by Daniel

Went back to visit my parents and sister this weekend to celebrate her birthday. Had a nice relaxing weekend excepting the Lions final test against South Africa on Saturday which was exhilarating, especially to see Shane Williams having a good game. We watched it at The Griffin in Loughborough which is lovely these days and does very nice food.

Kate and I went for a nice walk by ourselves in the evening and had a good chat with which we put the world to rights and decided on a few things in the middle of a corn field.
In the evening after Hannah got back from work Dad had decided to put on an Outdoor screening, which I was very excited about. The sun was just setting and it will still warm enough, well it would have been if we managed to start watching straight away! In the end we had a few technical hitches and it was half an hour before we managed to get going, so we got halfway through the film and everyone was getting quite tired and cold – so we decided to save it for another time.
James and IOn Sunday we picked berries, then went to see Mamgu and bring her over for lunch, after which Kate and I waved goodbye and went into town to meet James and Jenny at the Orange Tree.
I cannot believe it’s been about a year since I last saw James, he continues to be a great friend and someone I can always talk about anything with. It was lovely to meet Jenny and I have resolved not to leave it so long before next time.

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