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We Should Have Gone To University

24th July, 2009 by Daniel

Yay, Reuben are going to release rare stuff from their back catalogue!

(from Kerrang)
01. Alpha Signal Seven
02. Words From Reuben
03. Crimson
04. Death Of A Star
05. Shambles
06. Scared Of The Police
07. Eating Only Apples (Single version)
08. Wooden Boy
09. Stux (Tell Me It’s Alright)
10. Stealing Is Easy
11. Banner Held High
12. Lissom Slo
13. Let’s Stop Hanging Out (Single version)
14. Alpha Signal Five
15. Numb At Four In The Morning
16. Worn To Be Seen
17. Catch
18. Stuck In My Throat (Single version)
19. Doll Fin
20. Scared Of The Police (Live On XFM)
21. Once
22. Glitterskin
23. Ways Of Staying Pure
24. Miffy In Auschwitz (Live At The BBC)
25. Enemy

01. Scared Of The Police (Sheldon version)
02. Don’t Die
03. Seated Near
04. No Exit Wound
05. Victim
06. Approaching By Stealth
07. Karin
08. Feel Good Inc. (Live At The BBC)
09. Two Kicks In The Mouth (Live At XFM)
10. Blitzkrieg
11. Girls On Top
12. What’s Good For Me
13. Push
14. The Weight Of The World
15. Christmas Is Awesome
16. Suffocation Of The Soul (Live At The BBC)
17. Agony/Agatha (Live At The BBC)
18. The Hand That Feeds (Live At The BBC)
19. Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin (Acoustic version)
20. Red Machine
21. Shambles (Long version)
22. The Last Time

It comes with a DVD of all of Reuben’s video’s, If you like Xtra Mile are also bundling it with Very Fast Very Dangerous or a 12″ of Racecar Is Racecar Backwards.

Here’s a couple of pictures I’ve taken of Reuben when I’ve been to see them live through the years. I’ll never forget buying Two Songs For Free after seeing them support Hundred Reasons – instantly hooked.

On stage with Frank Turner! October 2005
Reuben @ Academy 3P6150045.JPG

Set List - Stage View

Setlist – June 2005


  1. vile says:

    it kinda annoys me that theres nothing new to me on this list, through ways and means i think i have all these songs, several versions of some infact, yet no doubt i’ll be shelling out the 20 quid for the 3 tracks i dont own just to get my reuben rock fix.

  2. Daniel says:

    I know exactly what you mean, they could have put on Jamie’s Solo song on for example. But yeah i’m a sucker so i’ll be buying it regardless, even just for the DVD of all their Videos.

  3. tom says:

    what, so you guys have catch , don’t die, worn to be seen, blitzkrieg, the last time etc already?

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