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Wedding Photographs

13th July, 2009 by Daniel

Wedding Group Picture
One of the big things about getting the new computer was the fact that now we’d have a good machine to sort out our photographs on. iPhoto is a brilliant application for this but on a 6 year old laptop with only a 12″ screen – it’s a bit like walking through treacle sometimes.
So finally we organised our wedding pictures and have ordered a photo book of them. We decided early on that the photographs were important to us and we went with a digital only package whereby we where given a DVD of the pictures and are able to do whatever we like with them. I was very impressed at how easy it was to make the book with iPhoto and am really looking forward to the book turning up and showing it off to people.



I’ve been thinking a lot about our wedding recently as we approach our anniversary, funny how looking at pictures stirs up memories!

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