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Lily Allen / 50 Cent / Music Piracy

24th September, 2009 by Daniel

There’s been a thing blowing up the last few days that’s been a little odd and got quite out of proportion.
Basically Lily Allen was commenting on something 50 Cent said about how for him piracy is a way of getting fans to go to concerts, clothes, etc and he’s accepted that people will steal his music. Lily’s point I think is that that’s fine for an established platinum artists like him but what about those who haven’t quite made it yet. She’s been saying this for a while and at most opportunities – Mandelson wanting to cut off connections of pirates (is that really the appropriate term, another story there I think), an artists coalition against piracy, whenever Radiohead talk about stuff…

I think that Lily has just not quite got her point across in the way she wanted to and didn’t go about linking to articles properly.
Then boingboing weighed in (usually my favourite blog, but goes a little heavy on copyright issues I think) saying for one complaining so hard about piracy she’s using scans from papers and copy/pastes of other people’s work.

The upshot of which Lily has reponded by closing down her blog. Which I think is a shame, not least of which because it means her article gets deleted off the net. It’s kind of a dummy spitting reaction really and I hope she’ll reconsider rather than deciding to pass the debate on to other artists to continue.

Music downloads means that it can be consumed on merit rather than what gets pushed to us, but it does also mean that those who can’t afford to have their material consumed in what’s becoming the mainstream method will lose out, will go broke and not make their music anymore, leaving only those that made their money before the download thing took off. Maybe this is just the process we actually need to happen to sort the mess out, it’ll hurt for a while and the music will suffer but maybe on the other side it’ll be much easier for everyone.

So for reference here it is:
It’s Not Alright: 50 Cent


50 Cent
50 Cent: Piracy Is A Part Of The Marketing
from the they-end-up-at-the-concert dept
Famed rapper 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) was apparently on CNBC recently talking about his “business acumen.” I have to admit that having three different people all trying to interview him at once is rather annoying — as they almost never let him complete a thought. However, when they ask him about piracy, and whether or not it makes him angry (around 2 minutes), he responds that: he sees it as a part of the marketing of a musician, because “the people who didn’t purchase the material, they end up at the concert.” He says that people can fall in love with the music either way, and then they’ll go to concerts. He notes that you can’t stop piracy either way, so why try to fight it? He also talks about other business opportunities for musicians.

this is particularly selfish in my view, he seems to only be thinking of how piracy effects him. What about the guys that work in the studio and the kids that run around town putting his posters up,the people that designed his artwork, the people that run his website. Is he giving them a cut of his live fee?


I’m not sure I believe the story that she’s quitting the business.

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