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8th September, 2009 by Daniel

There’s a few big stories in Radio at the moment, Terry Wogan’s retirement, Steve Lamacq leaving Radio 1 and the numerous other shuffles at Radio 1 and also Chris Moyles breaking Tony Blackburn’s record as the longest serving Radio 1 breakfast host.
I hold Radio quite close to my heart I think sometimes in an alternate universe I would have gone for it as my career. It’s a fascinating thing and I do miss doing it a lot. Making jingles, listening out for music that would be an interesting bed, dreaming up features… But I digress.
I was wondering about the near future at BBC radio and what it might have in store. There’s a lot of talk of Radio 1’s audience being ‘too old’, same with Radio 2. I like to listen to 6Music a lot but at the moment there’s not much to draw me to Radio 2. Which makes me wonder ‘what if?’. What if Chris Moyles moved to Radio 2? Ideally a talk show would suit him I think – don’t let the music get in the way or 2 songs every half hour or so.
Could he follow Simon Mayo to Five Live (Mayo being an ex-Radio 1 breakfast host), or become a Howard Stern kind of figure on his own commercial station?
It seems likely that Mayo himself will fill the gap left by Chris Evans on Radio 2 which makes good sense seeing as he didn’t want to move to Manchester with the rest of Radio 5 – but what will become of the Film slot on Fridays with Mark Kermode (who himself would probably be fine with the move to Manchester having graduated from it’s university), that would be sorely missed if cut.

Who knows really. I’m sure it’ll all work out, probably Chris Moyles will do another 5 years on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show and then replaced by Fearne Cotton or someone and i’ll know it’s time to move on.

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