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General Election 2010 – Bury North

22nd October, 2009 by Daniel

Out of interest just looked up the prospective candidates for MP’s in Bury.
It’s a majority of 2000 so it’s fairly close, currently a labour MP but a tory council.

Labour David Chaytor 19,130 43.0% ?8.2
Conservative David Nuttall 16,204 36.5% ?0.2
Liberal Democrat Wilf Davison 6,514 14.7% +2.5

Majority 2,926 6.6% ?8.0
Turnout 44,439 61.5% -1.5

The Labour guy at the moment got caught up in the expenses thing and has said he will step down at the next election, labour haven’t named their replacement yet but the candidates are all women.
This is the conservative guy:

  • Wants to reduce abortion time limit to 20 weeks
  • Is *for* capital punishment for murder
  • Against euthanasia
  • Wants to repeal hunting ban


Lib Dem guy is Richard Baum, lists all his GCSE’s results, A-levels and volunteer work and so on.
He’s on the council at the moment. Was against congestion charge

Interestingly the Labour website still lists David Chaytor as the next prospective MP for Bury North, despite being officially barred from standing as an MP.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Nuttal won, a majority of 2,243 votes over Maryam Khan of Labour with 40.19% of the vote.

    Election record for Bury North, 06 May 2010

    Party Percentage of votes
    Conservative 40.19%
    Labour 35.2%
    Liberal Democrat 17%
    Name Party Votes % of votes
    Nuttall, David Conservative 18,070 40.19
    Khan, Maryam Labour 15,827 35.2
    Baum, Richard Liberal Democrat 7,645 17
    Maude, John British National Party 1,825 4.06
    Evans, Stephen UK Independence Party 1,282 2.85
    Brison, Bill Independent 181 0.4
    Lambert, Graeme Pirate 131 0.29
    Majority 2,243 votes
    Turnout (44,961) %

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