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21st October, 2009 by Daniel

I know i’m in the minority, but I don’t really ‘get’ the BBC’s iPlayer. It’s not that I don’t use it – I do but I don’t use it very regularly. In fact what I really use it for most is when I hear of a band I like were doing a session on Zane Lowe, so I listen back to it.
For TV, pretty much everything I want to watch gets recorded by my BT Vision box and if I miss it I usually just search for a repeat and watch that.
I can’t imagine a world where someone doesn’t have a DVR but is prepared to leap a few technology steps ahead of just a TV and watch the iPlayer to see what they’ve missed.

Where is the iPlayer project heading? Really I would like to see things like the BBC’s catch up service along with the other channels all work with eachother and could then replace the recorder parts in your set-top box. What’s the point of everyone having 160GB or whatever hooked up to their TV when the BBC will stream it to you for free anyways? To catch it in case of rights issue’s and them not being able to stream it to you?
I just find it a bit odd that we have these competing methods and nobody’s unified them yet (nor is likely to be allowed to either).
The BT Vision box does On Demand stuff very well all coming from BT’s servers and it does have catch-up content from the channels but strangely you have to pay for it.

Someone at some point will merge Plex or similar to have an iPlayer that will work for all the channels including Sky’s, that’s the holy grail here isn’t it?

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