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December, 2009

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    December 17, 2009 by Daniel

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    December 2, 2009 by Daniel

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  3. DIYing Slowly

    December 2, 2009 by Daniel

    There’s lots of jobs need doing around the house and not much time to do them in. Last night our fridge arrived and it took me two hours to get the doors to hinge on the other side so it’ll open and you can still reach in with it being next to the dishwasher. Of course I haven’t yet plumbed in the washer or the dryer let alone the dishwasher and I only just managed to fit in drilling a hole to run a plug for the cooker before slumping on the sofa in exhaustion.
    Of course there’s a million shelves that need to be put up, need to get more storage for DVD’s and clothes too and I still need to run in some cables for speakers and extend a phone line round to the sky box.
    Oh and a doorbell! That would be useful.

    The good news is the windows are being put in today which should help keep the heat in the bad news is we missed the BT appointment yesterday despite Kate being in all day waiting. Some complaining got us fitted in for the 3rd so fingers crossed that happens smoothly and then I can order up broadband, which I actually miss more than I thought I would. On the plus side I managed to get Kate’s Xandros Eee using the o2 3g dongle we bought (you have to edit the ppp config file to switch between chaps and pap authentication.

    I even remembered to put the bins out, although I suspect more rubbish could have gone out than I put there. I just hope they’ll take bin bags that aren’t in wheely bins.