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June, 2010

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  2. Motto

    June 22, 2010 by Daniel

    Malo Humour Super Veritas

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  5. Rage Against The Machine – Victory Party

    June 9, 2010 by Daniel

    On stage pics by Tracy Morter– one of the organisers of the facebook campaign to get Killing In the Name Of to Christmas No.1

    Yeah so we managed to get tickets for the free gig in Finsbury park and it was brilliant.
    We had planned to stay over Sunday night but changed our minds and drove there and back in a day, arriving home about 3am! Luckily I’d booked Monday off of work.
    The whole day was pretty special, like a mini-festival which was great seeing as we aren’t going to one this year.

    The warmup DJ’s were pretty good (I posted on facebook about a revelatory track they played). Gallows, meh.. Punks fine, but musically you have to move on sometimes.
    Really enjoyed Roots Manuva as I was expecting too and Gogol Bordello were loads of fun.

    But Rage Against the Machine? Awesome. I cannot believe how long I’ve waited to see them. So long it wasn’t really waiting anymore, I’d given up – I never thought I’d have the chance. They were so good playing together, each one – Drums- Brad Wilk, Bass – Tom Commerford, Guitar – Tom Morello, how does he even come up with those sounds?!!! and Zack – all on top top form as if they’d never stopped playing together.
    My only complaint, setlist was a bit short, but oh well I suppose you have to have one concession to age.
    I really liked the sentiment behind the whole day, the presentation of the cheque to Shelter on stage and the fact that they couldn’t resist commenting on the freedom flotilla
    . There’s rumour that the band may work on some new material, it certainly seemed like the event was being filmed for a future concert film release, but I won’t hold my breath for something soon Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium came out three years after the event.

    The sound is poor, which is a shame – but there you go.