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a July 22nd, 2010

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  2. Inception

    July 22, 2010 by Daniel

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie post (or any sort of regular post) but I suppose it’s been a while since i’ve been to the cinema.
    Last week the new shopping centre/street opened in Bury, this meant that our old cinema in Pilsworth closed down and moved to it’s new premises at The Rock along with the bowling alley and a couple of restaurants that were there. I think that it makes a lot more sense for them to be in town. It always felt a little quiet in Pilsworth. We were meant to go on ‘Cheap Day Tuesday’, we turned up for the screening and the place was packed. We were only ten minutes away from the start time so we thought, you know what? We live about 5 minutes away now so we’ll just come back another time. Parking is free after 6pm so nothing lost.
    I bought the tickets online for the next day for the 1640 showing (you get 25% off tickets where the showing starts before 5!). Now it takes me about 40 minutes on average to get home from work which I finish at 4 and yesterday it was pouring down which always helps the traffic.. I managed to get to the cinema car park for ten-to and after a bit of an ordeal queuing for popcorn (don’t think people have quite got the hang of it there yet, instead of one big queue that moves quick there’s lot’s of little queues that all move differently, so go to the wrong one like Kate did and you just watch others fly by). Kate’s journey to the cinema was massively simple, she works next door to it.

    And so to the film, we managed to get there in time for a couple of trailers which kept me happy (I hate missing them). A-Team, Harry Potter and then the film started just after 5 o’clock.
    I’ve been a Christopher Nolan fan for a long time, since I first saw Memento. It was probably around 2002 I saw the DVD and I’ve watched it over and over so I look forward to any film he’s got coming out. The recent Batman films have been especially enjoyable, not so much with The Prestige. I kept getting shown the trailer for Inception at work the effects look great and the cast awesome.

    It’s funny how Leonardo DiCaprio is becoming one of the greatest actors of our generation. He just keeps making cracking films, I really liked Shutter Island – anytime he gets with Scorsese you know something good will happen. Cillian Murphy was great and Ellen Page was really good in it. Oh and Tom Hardy (Handsome Bob in RockNRolla, Praetor Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis and Charles Bronson in Bronson) he’s really underrated I think, one of Kate’s favourites.
    But I think what I liked the most about it was despite the story being complex and full of meta and what is reality really, which is probably one of my favourite concepts to explore the laws of the films universe did make sense and you could quite easily accept what was going on and I didn’t find that it jarred my suspension of disbelief.

    Cobb’s (DiCaprio) inner struggle of course drives the film, his desire to get back to normality whilst getting dangerously getting close to driving himself crazy in order to do so. It’s a classic story really, told in an innovative way. It had shades of Old Boy in it where the protagonist has spent a lifetime within a lifetime (also the basis for a Star Trek: TNG episode). But that’s not the central tenet to the film.

    Anyhoo, I would fully reccomend it. I look forward to it coming out on Blu-Ray.

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