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a July 27th, 2010

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    July 27, 2010 by Daniel

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  2. Geeks

    July 27, 2010 by Daniel

    A person intensely interested in a particular field or hobby, generally at the expense of broader social interaction. Often used with an attributive noun.

    I’ve been thinking recently about how ‘geeks’ are becoming more and more mainstream. It’s odd seeing pictures of friends from school going out to Ibiza and dressing up as ‘geeks’. Often now it’s becoming a look or a badge of honour, something hard to attain. I can hardly believe that geek chic has become an accpetable look.

    On twitter people profess to be geeks or nerds and low and behold they end up asking about how to recover a lost document or don’t know how to plug in a mouse. It’s not enough to know what lolcats is or to use a hashtag. It’s not enough just to wear big glasses and slag off Comic Sans. That’s just web culture and as good and fun as that is, geek culture is a whole other level up.

    Or am I completely wrong? Am I just annoyed that my precious little world is being seen for how great it is and should welcome all the newcomers? Even if they didn’t spend years at school getting looked at funny because you knew what hexadecimal was or what all those other buttons on the calculator actually did? (The picture above is the one of the calculators I had doing my A-Levels, a casio fx-9750g).