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February, 2011

  1. Saturday Walk

    February 21, 2011 by Daniel

    Had a nice little walk on Saturday. Just local, we’ve found we like walking up to the nearby reservoir but after a bit of google mapping I discovered a slight detail revealing a pub!

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    We caught the end of a football game and some rugby started up. But they switched over – might have stayed for another Boddingtons if they hadn’t.

  2. Bookmarks for February 4th through February 9th

    February 9, 2011 by Daniel

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  3. James & Jenny’s Engagement Party

    February 7, 2011 by Daniel

    Phew, what a night!

    So how did it go? Well it was a bit of a ‘big’ weekend really, starting off on Thursday night when we went to dinner with Rob & Dave, which was really nice despite awful service at the restaurant in Spinningfields and a ripoff car park. Never mind. Then Friday night was of course the start of the Six Nations. Kate and I had walked into Bury in the morning so we didn’t have to leave the car in town, which is a roundabout way of saying we were taking the alcoholic option for the evening.

    Started off in O’Neils, which generally Kate and I have liked, but we’ve never quite got there with the one in Bury. But I turned up there after i’d got in from Manchester after work on the Tram and had to double check I was at the right place, as they’d changed the name! It had been rebranded to Molloy’s. So we had a few drinks and some food and were all ready for the Wales v England match and our friend had a bit of trouble that I won’t go into with the Bar Manager. So we walked out and vowed not to return and found somewhere else to drink.
    We ended up at the Knowsley and we asked if they were showing the Rugby to which the response was very positive “we’ll be showing all the matches”. In fact it was almost a “of course we are” which coupled along with free wifi in the pub means we may have found our pub for the entire championship.

    Not quite wanting to go home just yet we went over to The Blind Tiger, which is becoming our late bar/club of choice – not really tried anywhere else, but I very much doubt that it can be beaten in Bury. Kate by this point probably would have stayed out all night but at 1am I was starting to sober up and finding the idea of sleep attractive. It’d been a long day with getting up a bit earlier to walk to the Tram stop.

    Kate woke the next morning quite hungover so we were a bit later than planned leaving for Loughborough but we got in after a nasty drive down (apparently a months worth of rain fell in Manchester this weekend) for a lovely meal cooked by my Dad. We watched the end of the Ireland/Italy game (thought Italy could have done it there) and then France/Scotland (France really can play! Brilliant game, French scrum destroying the much heavier Scots) and Mum took us over to the town hall. She went in straight away whilst Kate and went to the Wetherspoons to meet a few people.

    Ev’s family and girlfriend had got there just before us and were able to get somewhere to sit. I was quite excited to meet his girlfriend Victoria although I don’t think I got much of a chance to speak to her for long over the course of the night. Plenty of time for that in the future though.
    At this point a lot of the old friends were showing up, after the Man Utd v Wolves game had finished and I was a bit anxious as I’d not seen a few for years. So I think I was a bit awkward and stuck for things to talk about, perhaps making a few too many nervous jokes.

    Then we went over to the Victoria rooms in the Town Hall, I’d not been in there before but it was much larger than I expected. Just as well really as there was a lot of people there. There was a lovely buffet and a mix between a DJ and a live band who were actually very good, if a little bit loud so conversations were a bit tricky sometimes. But it was really nice to see everybody, a bit like a school reunion really.

    Some of Ev’s photos Facebook (fortunately, much much better than mine). I’ve shamelessly stolen these but I take no credit for them whatsoever and I hope he doesn’t mind.

    As the night on some of the group were itching to go and dance and eventually we were all brought over making faces. It’s strange sometimes what songs have the ability to do it, usually the one you least expect. It takes a song of a certain type, followed by a strong song to keep you there. So we stayed dancing until the band stopped and then went along to an ‘after-party’ at The Griffin. By 2am there and still not ready to go home it was a club or bust. So despite strong protestations from those who knew what was coming, we were demanded to appear in Echo’s.

    We stayed there for quite a while considering, but the music really was deteriorating and we said our goodbyes and Taxi’d home.

  4. Engagement Party

    February 5, 2011 by Daniel

    Today Kate and I are back in my Loughborough hometown and we’re attending my friend James and his fiancee Jenny’s engagement party.

    It’s quite because it’s bringing back a few memories of our own engagement party which was almost 4 years ago in March 2007. Ours was in a bar on Oxford road and I think it was the rest time our families had properly met (my mum met Kate’s parents when we moved into our flat).
    I remember there being so many issues and not only with the planning, some fallings out too.

    One of my memories of the night was spending a lot of the little money I had on food for everyone and it all disappearing very quickly. Great you might think, but not when that’s your only meal that day and all gone by the time you get to it.

    Still the night itself was great and hope tonight will be too. There are some people going I haven’t seen in years, so I’m a little nervous.

  5. IPv6

    February 3, 2011 by Daniel

    It’s pretty inconsequential to the vast majority of people. But it’s going to be inconsequential in the same way postcodes are to people soon.
    It’s been a fascinating story for a number of years now. The explosion of the Internet, the way it’s changed business and society. The other fascinating part is that it’s popularity and expansion is so much of a surprise to those that built it in the first place.

    The addressing system for the internet that caught on, IPv4 has 2^32 addresses (that’s 4,294,967,296). Vint Cerf thought that would be plenty and at the time in 1981 not many would argue with him.
    But now there are many more people in the world and lots of those people want to use the internet. They might share a device, or they might have access to many more and each of those devices needs an address to talk to the internet.

    Today the last blocks of addresses were handed out the the regional authorities who will then hand out smaller blocks of addresses to ISPs. So this is it we’re near the end.

    Soon to add a new device to the internet we will be forced to use something else. But in most cases we’re not ready for it. We were talking about it when I was at Uni, we were still talking about it a few years later in 2007 when I went to a RIPE course and we are still yet to switch it on in many cases in 2011.

    Further reading:
    The great articles by Iljitsch Van Beijnum at Ars.
    Geoff Huston‘s countdown and writings.
    Test your own connection.
    Find out how long our region (Europe) has left.

  6. Android v iOS

    February 3, 2011 by Daniel

    Work decided to give me a new phone last week. I never actually used my old one, in fact I redirected it’s number to my personal phone in case someone actually called it as I never had it charged let alone on me.
    But now they’ve decided it would be a good idea for us to be able to receive emails outside of work time and use smartphones to take pictures of servers, etc. So we got the choice of new phones under the Universities Vodafone account. We were told we could pick anything on the list that got sent round and the choices began.

    My personal phone is an iPhone 4, which I think is awesome. I had the 3G before, loved that one too until it got a bit slow on the newer iOS versions. So I thought there’s no point in getting another iPhone so it would come down to Blackberry vs Android.

    I don’t really understand why Blackberries got so popular. I see them all the time on the tram, especially with ‘youth’. Strange how it seemingly went straight from business corporate types to kids. Not many things make a transition like that.
    The whole web has been talking about Android since it first appeared. I like the idea of it, open source, etc. But I thought that could limit it in the same way Linux hasn’t broken through to mainstream desktop PCs. So long story short I went with the best Android phone on offer, HTC Desire HD (as did the whole team).

    So some first impressions? The phone itself is a bit big for my liking. A bit plasticy in some parts and the power button it a bit awkward. I’m having some problems with the SD card in it – not too sure what that is as yet but it means I can’t take pictures at the moment.
    I do like how the OS looks. I love the weather/clock widget on the home screen – I really wish the iPhone could have weather on the lock screen, updating itself when you change locations. The OS does everything you want and is easily extended by a visit to the Market place. I just feel that things are as accessible as on the iPhone. You feel as though there’s another step to go through. I do like the notifications bit, although I can’t get used to ignoring them in the way I should.

    The device’s battery life is not good, it needs charging every single day despite my hardly using it. It seems to reboot itself each morning too, that seems strange.

    So um yeah, just some thoughts for now. Don’t think it’ll replace my everyday phone at the moment like the HTC Wizard Windows Mobile phone replaced my Sony Ericsson K750 back in 2006 (basically because it did push email compared to not), oh how I ended up hating that HTC Wizard.

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    February 2, 2011 by Daniel

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