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27th April, 2011 by Daniel

It’s been ages since I’ve been regularly buying music. It used to be at least an album a week and I ended up with hundreds of CDs at home. But for the past few years I just haven’t. I don’t really know why, whether I felt I didn’t have the disposable income for it or whether there just wasn’t anything I liked enough to buy.

Perhaps it’s because I didn’t really have the time to listen to the music – now with a longer commute there’s time for a whole album.
But all of a sudden i’ve been buying CD’s and tickets to gigs and generally being excited about music again. But things have changed somewhat.

The digital revolution is in full flow now. You can legitimately own everything you’d want without having a physical copy of it and I’m starting to feel like one of the few who isn’t comfortable with that. Don’t get me wrong I love having the music digitally, that’s probably the top way I listen to it – it’s very rare for me to play it on the original media I bought it on, I think perhaps my preferred way of doing things would be to buy it originally on vinyl and get a free download copy with it. A couple of years ago a few albums were released this way but it seems not to have taken off. So i’m buying the CDs and probably never actually listening to them having got them ‘elsewhere’. But I still can’t detach myself from having ‘the thing’. If only just to look at it on a shelf.

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