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27th April, 2012 by Daniel

So an important thing I want to pass on to George is music. I think I have actually listened to more music since he was born that in a long time previous!
Something I’ve been thinking about today is going to gigs and festivals and the practicalities involved. There’s a festival on in August I would really like to go to, what with it involving two of my current favourites

George also seems to have a thing in particular for Willy Mason, his songs almost always seem to calm him down nicely in the car.
Here’s his new one (it’s been a long time coming!):

Doing the radio show the day after George was born was really good for me. It unlocked a few things I’d forgotten about. So my aim is to get back on air. I really liked the set up they had at Northern Air so sometime when things have settled at home and I can find the time I’d like to look into how to go about either helping out a bit there or perhaps even having a show.

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