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Casio Watch

2nd November, 2012 by Daniel

For some reason every day I wear a watch. It’s becoming a rare thing I think but I’d be lost without mine. I subconsciously look at it all the time and really miss it when I’m not wearing it. Plus, I get an added ‘holiday’ feeling when I’m not.

My current watch is a Casio WV58u (3053). Which is practically perfect. I’ve pretty much always worn Casio watched so they are now pretty much the only thing I’d consider, my current watch has a metal band, digital time. Plenty of stopwatches, world time, etc, a light and can set itself.

Or rather it did anyway.
Recently the light stopped working followed by any beeping and then the auto time set function stopped working. It still did everything else. But those are just it’s base functions I suppose.
So I thought, hmm perhaps it’s the battery, which considering the number of years I’ve had it was quite possible. After a little bit of trouble taking it apart I discovered it used a CR1620 battery and ordered it from Amazon. It came the next day and I swapped it in.
But alas, whilst the beeping now works – the light and radio time setting still do not.

So I think I might be looking for a new one. Which I am loathe to do because I really love this one and I like the idea of using it for a loooong time. I can almost live without the radio time setting (although I really like it) but I find the light really useful.
I may yet take it to someone who knows what they are doing to see what they think. But it’s likely it’s not really worth it – I can pick up a new one for about £30 so the question that remains is, do that – or get a different model, one with solar charging perhaps?

Casio MTG-930DU-8VER
seems to do everything that I’m after, but can I let go of my current one?

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