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March, 2013

  1. Now I Am One

    March 22, 2013 by Daniel

    iPad George
    Just got back from two days off work celebrating George’s First Birthday. We’re having a little party for him on Saturday but we wanted him to have a special day on his actual birthday too. So we went up to Blackpool to

    Sea World there and then to Jungle Jim’s in the tower after lunch. It was a fantastic day.
    Kate and I can’t believe he’s been here a year already. It’s gone so quick. I have to say it’s been an amazing ride so far.
    I certainly don’t think we’ve done it the easy way, but we’ve decided that doesn’t matter to us. We would rather that it’s difficult and good for him than easy and not. We have made choices that put him first and we are proud to do so. We’ve never done dummy’s, we are using reusable nappies, the Buggy has been unused for months now. Kate is still breastfeeding him and will continue to do so until he’s not interested any more. He’s still co-sleeping with us, generally we all sleep better for it. Kate has also found a group of AP friendly women she finds very supportive which I’m very glad for as I think it’s a hard task being a stay at home Mum so she’s always got someone to turn to when I’m at work.
    I realised yesterday whilst we were at a soft play place in Bury that being at work I miss out on a lot. Kate understands his personality and his preferences so well and I need to work on catching up on that a bit. But I had a great time playing with him at home in the morning whilst Kate was baking his birthday cake for Saturday (I have provided home brew beer, fingers crossed!).
    George is concentrating hard on his walking at the moment which is a joy to see and his vocabulary is coming on well.
    Still I think his favourite thing in the world is the Cat (apart from perhaps Mummy & Daddy). He loves to point out where the cat is.

  2. homebrew

    March 4, 2013 by Daniel

    751005-5For Christmas Kate bought me everything I needed from Balihoo to get started with making my own beer. It’s something I’ve always been keen on trying but have never quite got started with. I finally found time this past weekend to start my first brew – and it was quite a learning curve!
    I hadn’t really done much research beforehand and now having looked into i’m even more bewildered. I followed the instructions on kit as best as I can and so we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed it should be ready for George’s first birthday and i’ll have some willing testers.
    There’s lots of things I think i’ve done wrong though, so much room for improvement!
    I had a few questions about hyrometers which @CheSha knowledgeably helped me out with. I may have been a bit hasty putting in the yeast – didn’t manage to get a reading off beforehand so the on I get is probably not that much use (or it might be I don’t know!). My other doubt at the moment is I didn’t put the airlock on the lid of my fermenter bucket, mostly down to the fact I didn’t know what it was at the time. I might stick it on this evening but I don’t think it’ll make much difference at this point.
    So Wednesday evening i’ll be at the end of fermentation. Then’ll I’ll transfer into the pressure barrel and add the sugar I think according to the fairly vague instructions I’ve got. I’ll move it all from the baby’s room where it is at the moment (we don’t use the room very much as he still sleeps with us and it’s nicely warm in there) to the pantry in the kitchen which is nice and cool.
    Looking forward to trying it! I might try and borrow a capper from someone so I can bring some samples into work.