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May, 2013

  1. Being an AP Dad

    May 24, 2013 by Daniel

    I think the problem most people have with AP is how it is for the Dad. I say suck it up. The length of time that things might be strained for is merely a few years, what’s a few years? (I know, some of you may now have a raised eyebrow) But seriously, as a couple I think we have a very strong relationship – yes having a baby has changed our relationship a lot and it’s an adjustment that I have sometimes felt she has taken better to than I have. But my needs happen to be on the lowest priority at the moment and to be honest, that’s absolutely right. I can fend for myself, my child cannot. I am grateful for any snatched kiss or hug I can get, but I am safe in the knowledge there will be many more.

    Separation Anxiety
    This seems to come and go. He can react quite strongly to Mum leaving the room but I think it depends on what he’s doing at the time. If he doesn’t notice her leave then it can be fine. Sometimes he reacts to us hugging and suppose feels he’s missing out on his own Mum time.

    Bath & Playtime
    I try to take the chances I can get to play with him. I’m off at work all day so don’t get to do as much as his Mum does but when I’m there I try to get involved. She can get some other things done but keeping him away from where she is can prove difficult sometimes!