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November, 2013

  1. Baby Nisbet #2

    November 12, 2013 by Daniel

    Now for some lovely news. Kate and I are having another Baby.

    We went for the 12 week scan yesterday afternoon. Our friend Jenny looked after George for the afternoon and he had a whale of a time by the sounds of it with her and her son. It was odd dropping him off really, kind of a sign how old he his already, that we’re at the point now where it feels ok to do that (we’ve still only done it less than a handful of times and it was the first time Jen had had him for so long).
    We did know that we wanted at least one more child, people at work have asked me already how I feel about a third – let’s wait for a bit on that one!
    We had been cautious this time around about telling people early. I don’t want to go into it much but it’s best to wait really I think. It was again an amazing experience seeing the baby though. I don’t remember George moving around as much $NEWNISBETNAME, it was incredible!

    It really does make it more real. It’s taken me a bit longer this time round I think, maybe George is a big distraction on that front and you don’t have time to think about things like that. It’ll be interesting to see George as a big brother, I’m sure he’ll handle it brilliantly – if the way he treats our cat is anything to go by!

    We’ll find out the sex in January, due date is late May.