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Big Boy Bed

19th March, 2014 by Daniel

Found this post from January which hadn’t been published…


We’ve been sorting out George’s room and last night put together a bed we’ve got that is length adjustable (handy). We wanted to move him out of our bed so that when the new baby comes he won’t feel that the two things are linked.
We did try putting him in a cot a couple of times a long while back but it never worked out. At the time it just felt unnecessary, he wouldn’t settle in it and it was difficult getting him to sleep in there in the first place.
Now that I put him to sleep it makes things a little simpler, last night trying it for the first time he was quite excited so whilst I was trying to read to him he wasn’t paying much attention. More interested in playing with a turtle we have that projects stars onto the ceiling.
Kate I think is conflicted about the whole thing. On the one hand I think she feels he’s ready for it and it’s something that she wants him to be OK with before the new baby arrives. She definitely missed cosleeping though.
And George? I think he did really well actually. I was sure he’d be fine after he’d gone to sleep but I wasn’t sure what would happen in the second half of the night. We left the monitor on next to Kate to better hear him and I woke about 5.50 hearing him saying Mummy. He got out of bed and was on the landing looking at the nightlight I’d put there for this very purpose. He wanted to go to the toilet and after that he came in with us. By then we were pretty much all awake, I (try to) get up for work anyway at 6.30ish so that’s pretty much sleeping through!
He was doing a fair bit of gymnastics whilst asleep and I think he ended up pointing the wrong way and not under a cover so his feet were a bit cold. But all in all, I think it went really well.
Onto tonight!

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