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December, 2015

  1. The Force Awakens

    December 22, 2015 by Daniel

    (I’m going to write about this as if you’ve seen the film, I’ll try not to give too much away but be warned)

    I’m going to write about something every man, woman and their dog is writing about. The New Star Wars film.

    George Lucas always said he saw the series was much bigger than what he did originally. I’m not really sure what the reason for the big gap between the Original trilogy and the Prequel trilogy was, perhaps he just wanted to enjoy life a bit, see if he could get some other things going (Indiana Jones, pretty good side project).

    Anyhoo, he’s probably better not as a front man, but guiding things from a distance. This is a really long way of saying, he did a good thing selling to Disney, they can carry this thing on forever now – I as many do just really love the world of Star Wars, I’m not so big on superheroes and yes whilst the Force is a bit mystical, mostly the stories are just about extraordinary things happening to normal people.

    And so to the new film. I did my best to avoid the publicity for it, I really did. I only watched the teaser trailor, I didn’t want to be encumbered by the visuals too much before I saw it. Then there was the going to see it. With two young children getting out to the cinema is not something we really do.


    I was watching fairly carefully to see if J.J. Abrahms had stuck to the conventions of Star Wars, what was the first establishing shot going to be? (because they are all done the same way). That out of the way I was put at ease, this guy knew what he was doing and I should trust him. Maybe he sought that trust a little too hard and could have taken a few more liberties? But overall fine, the films are supposed to “rhyme” after all. It moves things on enough and reintroduces at the same time.

    It’s really all about family and the families of the Original main characters have now intertwined.

    I loved seeing ‘behind the mask’ of a Stormtrooper, we’ve seen a little bit before (but one step removed) in the establishment of the Clone troopers and I’m glad they explained Finn was a different kind of trooper.


    Mostly I’m excited for the films to come now, and there won’t be such a long wait for more now. Probably by the time they start coming in quickly George will be ready for them (this one is a bit dark for him yet).