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January, 2017

  1. Swimming 

    January 10, 2017 by Daniel

    George moved up to the next class in Swimming this term, the third class. It’s great to see him doing well at it – albeit this class is a little late in the day for him – 6.30pm (we usually go upstairs for bath etc at 7!) but at least I’m home from work to watch. 

    This was the first class: got in at deep end with one round float on each arm, swam to shallow and took off floats. The rest of it was starting to learn front crawl using one of those rectangular shaped floats any swimmer knows well. He looked so much smaller than the rest of his class. I’m not sure of their ages but I’m sure they are at least a year perhaps more. It was funny because in his last class he was always very quick but in this one, they are all much more speedy. 

    His hair got in his eyes a lot and I think he swallowed a lot of water (head up!).