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October, 2017

  1. Separation

    October 2, 2017 by Daniel

    Oh hello long neglected blog?

    Remember when everyone and their dog had a blog? I guess it’s all about facebook and twitter now. No fiddling with host settings. Oh well, the world moves on I suppose.

    Ok ok stop avoiding it, what is this post about Daniel? Well, over on that there facebook I took a deep breath and admitted something publicly which I’d been avoiding for a while. I guess it was an open secret that many knew. But to confirm it? Well. It needed to be done. It was time. I need support from people and for that they need to know. I need them not to be surprised or to understand if they spot things I’m doing or something.

    Here’s something it’s taken me a while to be ready to say on here. My situation has changed as some people know already and I think now it’s better if it’s acknowledged rather than left unsaid by me.

    Kate and I have separated. We’re figuring stuff out as to how this works. We were together a long time so it’s going to take a while to adjust.

    I’ve moved out to somewhere not too far from the kids who remain as important to me as ever and are the bright shining stars in my life.

    Can I just ask, we both don’t want anyone to “take sides”. It’s between us and we both need the support of our friends and family. We don’t want the he said she said, the drama or for you to fight one of our corners. We just want your support. I assure you the friendships and love we had from you whilst we were a couple is just as valid and wanted as now we are apart.

    So that’s it really.

    I’ve moved out and now have the kids with me for a couple of nights a week. 2017 eh.