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‘Event’ Photography

17th May, 2018 by Daniel


One of the things I’m enjoying about exploring analogue photography is how in my mind I have started to plan photos around attending certain things.
For example, I haven’t really been able to build up much of a stock of film – my excitement means I’m kind of getting through it too quickly, but it’s quite nice to think about something upcoming and how you might want to take photos of it. This is all opposed to just turning up with your phone or the digital camera you have and taking a picture.
I’ll think about, will it be indoor out outdoor (ie what ISO should I use?), what kind of backgrounds would there be (colour or black & white), will there be interaction? how far away will things be? (lenses, instant film?)
Because you can’t just go and buy film at the moment I try to think about this stuff in advance so I have time to order some rolls. I guess eventually I’ll have narrowed down what I like using, but for now it’s fun to try out different things and see how they turn out.
I quite favour the multiple camera + phone approach, I want to make sure I get at least something out of it.

For example F’s 4th birthday party is coming up, I’m sure it’ll be loud and colourful so I think a mix of instant shots and colour with a 50mm will do the trick, to get in close but also kids are so used to instant feedback with digital that they love to see the pictures you’ve taken.

I’ve taken to carrying one of my more lightweight cameras around with me in my work bag, this week it’s been the Sprocket Rocket to finish off the roll I started at the weekend. I find it a little tricky to know how much is left on the roll, turns out I’d been carrying it around all week with only one shot left to go on it (it exposes two frames at a time, so you have only half the exposures as normal, plus or minus some inaccurate winding on my part…)

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