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Bumper Film Day

20th June, 2018 by Daniel

As I mentioned briefly, I’d sent off 5 rolls of film last week and yesterday I got back 148 images…

So yeah it’s going to take me a while to go through those.

But the basic links are here, I’ve been reading up a bit on archiving and keeping good notes. But my system is working so far for me. I try to label the film rolls as I go so I can keep track of what’s on where. It’s tricky when you send off multiple rolls though as you need to remember at least one picture on each roll that’s coming back to associate it back to the roll number I’ve written down. Perhaps slightly easier with home developing perhaps as there’s only 2 rolls at most at a time, but perhaps complicated by the fast they are going to be the same stock and ISO.

So what were they? Well for a start they were all colour film stocks.

  • Sprocket Rocket Roll 2  – Kodak colorplus 200 (these are going to need a bit of work as the scans need colour adjusting – I think because they scan the sprockets they just turn all their settings off.

Ordsall Curve


  • EOS 5 Roll 2 – Kodak Gold 200 (Florence’s 4th Birthday)



  • Canon 5000 roll 2 – Kokak colorplus 200 (For this roll, I handed over the camera to George, so pretty much all of them are by him)



In addition to all these(!) the scanner came yesterday, I only just had enough time to scan in one roll before I went to bed exhausted, messing about with scan settings as I went. It’s going to be a bit of a learning curve – but that’s what its all about really! Negatives are very finicky and precious to work with and either I accept the flaws or try to come up with ways to avoid or work around them. It’s pretty time consuming, the software wasn’t splitting the images into separate files. My work computer made short work of that though.

I was using a Linux driver for the Epson V600 which worked pretty well. It’d be interesting to experiment with different software but I want to avoid Windows if I can. I might try out the Epson software on a MacBook.

  • Centon DF300 Roll 4 – Fomapan 400 Action, developed in Ilfosol 3. – A fair amount of messing about needed to work out DPI settings, etc – but they grain is lovely!

Centon Roll 4

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