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  1. Raspberry Pi

    July 31, 2012 by Daniel

    Quick write up (will do more when I have time):
    I was pretty inspired by the Raspberry Pi when it came out. I thought it would be a great tool for kids. Then thinking it over for a while when the first ones came out and a few of my friends said they’d got one I was like “I want one too!”. It arrived on Thursday, I spent Friday morning playing about with it and put OpenELEC on it for over the weekend to play with and show off to Kate. Today (Tuesday) I set about doing serious things with it – a webcam server.
    So I got Arch on it and used some of Jeremy Blythe‘s tips and got Motion running on it. It took a bit of fiddling (basically not realising that the live view only show pixel changes in setup mode – not obvious!).
    So i’ll leave it running over night. So far it’s not been all that stable so perhaps i’ll try ramping things down a bit and see whether I can get it to last longer.