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  1. First Time Buyer

    October 22, 2009 by Daniel

    There should be a book for first time buyers, or a pamphlet or easy to read guide on buying a house. It’s possibly the most bewildering purchase ever. It’s nothing like buying anything else, anything normal off the shelf or completely tailored.

    Everyone has an opinion with different degrees of correctness about the process and unbelievably it seems the finding of the house you actually want to buy is the easy bit – but you can’t let them know that you actually want it, this is a negotiation don’t you know.
    You find the house, find the mortgage, convince the mortgage people you can pay them back eventually with a job that you have at the moment, convince the estate agent that you can afford the house who in turn convinces the sellers. But you don’t want to be too convincing otherwise they’ll want more money for the house. Get yourself a solicitor, get him to actually work for you, check up on him and make sure he’s doing some work give him every little form he needs go over what their solicitor has sent to him, make sure that there’s nothing hidden that you don’t like. Sign contacts and your life away, transfer moneys make sure everybody’s happy and then you might even be able to pack up your things make things good with your landlord and live in a different house that needs more money spending on it becuase the reason you could afford it in the first place was that it needed a little bit of TLC.

    But we’re not that far along yet. Nearly there though.