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  1. Toy Story 3 3D

    July 30, 2010 by Daniel

    Another night at the new Vue cinema in Bury, this time to see Toy Story 3.
    The Toy Story trilogy has been an important one for Pixar, uncertain at times, they probably never thought they’d get to do 3 films and I suppose it’s the kind of situation where the audience demands it. To my knowledge Pixar haven’t done sequels for any of their other films and unfortunately, while I did enjoy Toy Story 3 I somewhat wish they hadn’t done it.

    It was a lovely story and it was quite an emotional ride with the usual Pixar polish, jokes and references. It also had a final feel to it, this is the end for Woody & Friends.

    It’s amazing how technology has developed since the first Toy Story, CGI is pretty much limitless now it what it can achieve and I think audiences might start getting a bit jaded with it soon, perhaps even reject it prefering shots done in camera to not. I didn’t fancy going to see Clash of the Titans for somewhat that reason. This Pixar film was also in 3D, possibly a necessity these days to compete, certainly not one that completes a film. I appreciate the hard work people put into adding a third dimension for us, I just don’t think it’s worth it or worth the extra money the theatres charge to see it. The short film preceding Toy Story 3, Day & Night was probably one of the best implementations i’ve seen yet of the technology though.

    3D doesn’t seem to be dying, as much as many – myself included, would like to see it. We’ll see with the take-up of 3D TV sets as compared with HD ones. I watched 3D rugby at Manchester Filmworks, I wouldn’t do it again, I don’t think people would pay extra for it to watch football at home.

    As far as Bury is concerned, I think the opening of the Rock is having a great effect. It’s great to see people in the town in the evening, it was a bit dead before – and young people too! We were beginning to wonder where they all were.

  2. Paper Anniversary

    September 21, 2009 by Daniel

    Kate and I celebrated our One Year wedding anniversary yesterday and I had such a lovely day. It’s been creeping up, the big one-year. The first 10 months or so flew by and then we realised that it had nearly been a year since we got married and of course it slowed down a little!
    But it’s been a great year. We’re very settled and content. We wondered what it would be like once we got married and it’s weird but I didn’t think it would be much like this. We wondered what would we do? Would we run out of things to say to eachother? But I can safely report that it’s not actually that different to before – of course it isn’t, why would it be? People worry about such silly things. I think it’s actually better, you don’t have anything to worry about and I think people see you differently as a couple if you’re married and I know that that’s one of those things to say and why should they see you differently and it’s their problem, but you tell the guy on the phone that your wife will be bringing in the car to do the MOT and he’ll understand it differently to if you say that your girlfriend is – it’ll be why isn’t he doing it himself? People frame things differently, shared possessions, money.

    We woke up and gave each other cards that we’d each successfully hidden from the other. I’m not sure but I think Kate had spotted my hiding place but she’d done the fake-out and lead me to believe that she’d not got anything – “oh no I’ll have to make you one on Saturday”. But I was completely surprised when she brought out these massive frames she’d bought and had carried all the way home. She’d been saying her arms hurt the day before and now I know why. I stuck with tradition and went with paper tickets to go see Biffy Clyro at the Apollo in November, which handily is just before her birthday (but there may some fixture clash with Wales playing Rugby, but i’m sure we can find a pub with a screen beforehand).
    I’d been unsure as to what to do for the day and read somewhere that it’s a good idea for your first anniversary to be low key so we stayed in and caught up on some of our favourite programmes (we’re both obsessed with The Sopranos at the moment). Kate’s parents were on the way down from her sister’s in Scotland so they came by at lunchtime while we listened to the noise from all around of the Manchester Derby going on and then later Kate and I went up to Pilton for a nice meal out and a movie (what we call Dinema).
    There being a few films at the moment we’re keen to see I’d been wondering which was appropriate to see we talked to a friend last week who said that (500) Days of Summer might not be appropriate but we went for it, and you know what? I thought it was completely appropriate. The films saying that when you know, you just know and I agree completely with that. The clever thing about the film was that the protagonist just didn’t realise that she didn’t know. Hey everyone’s been jilted, hurt and not clicked with someone, just because there might be a spark doesn’t means it’s it – both people are involved and have to feel the same way. You might say that sometimes Men are just too self-obsessed to be able to see what’s actually going on and that might be true, but I also feel that sometimes people don’t communicate enough, they don’t reveal what’s actually going on with things and that can cause a breakdown that may never have needed to happen. There was a good soundtrack (lot’s of British Indie) and a powerful visual style – I love it when music video directors start making films as they a very good at little motifs.

    The other point we talked about afterwards is how people talk about fate and destiny and ‘the one’. Kate made the connection between it and how Richard Dawkins describes life on earth only seeming to be too good to be true with a 1 in a Billion chance, hey here’s the living proof of that chance. If we hadn’t both studied in Manchester, if Kate hadn’t met Ben who convinced her to do a Radio Show with him. If I hadn’t sat in on their show if we both didn’t already have tickets to see the Beta Band the next month. Lot’s of small chances any of which could easily have not had happened and we’d never even have met.