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  1. Inception

    July 22, 2010 by Daniel

    It’s been a while since I’ve done a movie post (or any sort of regular post) but I suppose it’s been a while since i’ve been to the cinema.
    Last week the new shopping centre/street opened in Bury, this meant that our old cinema in Pilsworth closed down and moved to it’s new premises at The Rock along with the bowling alley and a couple of restaurants that were there. I think that it makes a lot more sense for them to be in town. It always felt a little quiet in Pilsworth. We were meant to go on ‘Cheap Day Tuesday’, we turned up for the screening and the place was packed. We were only ten minutes away from the start time so we thought, you know what? We live about 5 minutes away now so we’ll just come back another time. Parking is free after 6pm so nothing lost.
    I bought the tickets online for the next day for the 1640 showing (you get 25% off tickets where the showing starts before 5!). Now it takes me about 40 minutes on average to get home from work which I finish at 4 and yesterday it was pouring down which always helps the traffic.. I managed to get to the cinema car park for ten-to and after a bit of an ordeal queuing for popcorn (don’t think people have quite got the hang of it there yet, instead of one big queue that moves quick there’s lot’s of little queues that all move differently, so go to the wrong one like Kate did and you just watch others fly by). Kate’s journey to the cinema was massively simple, she works next door to it.

    And so to the film, we managed to get there in time for a couple of trailers which kept me happy (I hate missing them). A-Team, Harry Potter and then the film started just after 5 o’clock.
    I’ve been a Christopher Nolan fan for a long time, since I first saw Memento. It was probably around 2002 I saw the DVD and I’ve watched it over and over so I look forward to any film he’s got coming out. The recent Batman films have been especially enjoyable, not so much with The Prestige. I kept getting shown the trailer for Inception at work the effects look great and the cast awesome.

    It’s funny how Leonardo DiCaprio is becoming one of the greatest actors of our generation. He just keeps making cracking films, I really liked Shutter Island – anytime he gets with Scorsese you know something good will happen. Cillian Murphy was great and Ellen Page was really good in it. Oh and Tom Hardy (Handsome Bob in RockNRolla, Praetor Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis and Charles Bronson in Bronson) he’s really underrated I think, one of Kate’s favourites.
    But I think what I liked the most about it was despite the story being complex and full of meta and what is reality really, which is probably one of my favourite concepts to explore the laws of the films universe did make sense and you could quite easily accept what was going on and I didn’t find that it jarred my suspension of disbelief.

    Cobb’s (DiCaprio) inner struggle of course drives the film, his desire to get back to normality whilst getting dangerously getting close to driving himself crazy in order to do so. It’s a classic story really, told in an innovative way. It had shades of Old Boy in it where the protagonist has spent a lifetime within a lifetime (also the basis for a Star Trek: TNG episode). But that’s not the central tenet to the film.

    Anyhoo, I would fully reccomend it. I look forward to it coming out on Blu-Ray.

    Ebert Review 4*
    Empire Review 5*
    Kermode Review (youtube)

  2. District 9

    September 23, 2009 by Daniel


    Very much enjoyed this last night. It’s been a while since i’ve seen an original premise in a Sci-Fi film (although I did miss Moon unfortunately). I’ve enjoyed the promo campaign for it too, recently all promo’s have been quite boring and uninvolved – I actually even looked at the website for this film which for me is rare and it was so involved in the elements from the movie itself rather than simply telling you about who’s in it, when it’s out, etc (yawn).
    Of course one of the things that sets the film apart is it has no stars. What? How can a film make money without stars? Well have a story for one.

  3. Paper Anniversary

    September 21, 2009 by Daniel

    Kate and I celebrated our One Year wedding anniversary yesterday and I had such a lovely day. It’s been creeping up, the big one-year. The first 10 months or so flew by and then we realised that it had nearly been a year since we got married and of course it slowed down a little!
    But it’s been a great year. We’re very settled and content. We wondered what it would be like once we got married and it’s weird but I didn’t think it would be much like this. We wondered what would we do? Would we run out of things to say to eachother? But I can safely report that it’s not actually that different to before – of course it isn’t, why would it be? People worry about such silly things. I think it’s actually better, you don’t have anything to worry about and I think people see you differently as a couple if you’re married and I know that that’s one of those things to say and why should they see you differently and it’s their problem, but you tell the guy on the phone that your wife will be bringing in the car to do the MOT and he’ll understand it differently to if you say that your girlfriend is – it’ll be why isn’t he doing it himself? People frame things differently, shared possessions, money.

    We woke up and gave each other cards that we’d each successfully hidden from the other. I’m not sure but I think Kate had spotted my hiding place but she’d done the fake-out and lead me to believe that she’d not got anything – “oh no I’ll have to make you one on Saturday”. But I was completely surprised when she brought out these massive frames she’d bought and had carried all the way home. She’d been saying her arms hurt the day before and now I know why. I stuck with tradition and went with paper tickets to go see Biffy Clyro at the Apollo in November, which handily is just before her birthday (but there may some fixture clash with Wales playing Rugby, but i’m sure we can find a pub with a screen beforehand).
    I’d been unsure as to what to do for the day and read somewhere that it’s a good idea for your first anniversary to be low key so we stayed in and caught up on some of our favourite programmes (we’re both obsessed with The Sopranos at the moment). Kate’s parents were on the way down from her sister’s in Scotland so they came by at lunchtime while we listened to the noise from all around of the Manchester Derby going on and then later Kate and I went up to Pilton for a nice meal out and a movie (what we call Dinema).
    There being a few films at the moment we’re keen to see I’d been wondering which was appropriate to see we talked to a friend last week who said that (500) Days of Summer might not be appropriate but we went for it, and you know what? I thought it was completely appropriate. The films saying that when you know, you just know and I agree completely with that. The clever thing about the film was that the protagonist just didn’t realise that she didn’t know. Hey everyone’s been jilted, hurt and not clicked with someone, just because there might be a spark doesn’t means it’s it – both people are involved and have to feel the same way. You might say that sometimes Men are just too self-obsessed to be able to see what’s actually going on and that might be true, but I also feel that sometimes people don’t communicate enough, they don’t reveal what’s actually going on with things and that can cause a breakdown that may never have needed to happen. There was a good soundtrack (lot’s of British Indie) and a powerful visual style – I love it when music video directors start making films as they a very good at little motifs.

    The other point we talked about afterwards is how people talk about fate and destiny and ‘the one’. Kate made the connection between it and how Richard Dawkins describes life on earth only seeming to be too good to be true with a 1 in a Billion chance, hey here’s the living proof of that chance. If we hadn’t both studied in Manchester, if Kate hadn’t met Ben who convinced her to do a Radio Show with him. If I hadn’t sat in on their show if we both didn’t already have tickets to see the Beta Band the next month. Lot’s of small chances any of which could easily have not had happened and we’d never even have met.

  4. Public Enemies

    July 10, 2009 by Daniel

    An interesting one this, I thought Johnny Depp and Christian Bale were both good and it was an interesting story – but I felt it let itself down on occasion. The director Michael Mann seems to have insisted on several camera techniques throughout and I found myself wishing he would just stick to one. That and an overuse of shaky-cam – which I dislike any amount of, ended up making the film just look a bit cheap.
    That said it was interesting to get a look at the beginnings of the FBI. I knew the ending already, I just can’t remember how – some deeply buried factoid I know about the Theatre at the end, I just can’t recall it for the life of me now.
    Kermode’s Review.

  5. Transformers

    June 22, 2009 by Daniel

    Transformers 2 Poster

    Transformers 2 Poster

    Saw this at the IMAX last night, was a good end to a very hungover day. We were aiming for the 1800 showing but it was sold out, so we bought tickets for 9, went home for some food and came back (god bless the printworks free car parking).
    I have to say I did enjoy it, I didnt think it was amazing though – a bit too long and action heavy for my taste, I get a little fatigued sometimes. I can’t put my finger on the other problem whether it was an IMAX thing, a Michael Bay thing or a Transformer thing – that when the robots are fighting and it’s all fast and blurry i’m not really sure what i’m supposed to be seeing…

    As mentioned Sunday was a hangover day, we hadn’t planned on drinking so much on Saturday – just to go to the pub for the Rugby, but we just ended up staying out. We explained to Liz what the Lions were and why they’re so special. Was a good fun time even though they lost (but hey there’s always the next test) with some trouble that’s been brewing for a while but the less said the better really. To say the least some stale air was cleared.
    So there’s a lot of bad things in my world at the moment, but there’s a lot of really good things that are pulling me through at the moment. Obviously i’ve not mentioned half the bad things here but i’m hoping to be able to talk about the good very soon.

  6. Coraline

    May 11, 2009 by Daniel

    Second 3D movie of the year, I have to admit – I wasn’t blown away by it. “From the director of Night Before Christmas”, I didn’t really like that either.
    The story was enchanting but a bit slow and somewhat scary for kids I thought. The early-teen goths will probably love it though.
    Metacritic Review

  7. Star Trek

    May 6, 2009 by Daniel

    I’m so excited about this that I’m posting early about it. I booked our tickets for the IMAX showing a couple of weeks ago and the reviews I trust are starting to come in and they’re all positive. But let’s face it loads of people would go regardless (look at Wolverine for example).
    I suppose my Star Trek journey has been a long and twisty one. The only comparison I have is Star Wars but it’s not the same, I’ve liked Star Wars more intensely but I suppose that’s to do with there being less of it. With Star Trek you can literally watch it for days, or read about it. It has one of those immensely fiddly worlds with a need for continuity, things that happen that take you away from it’s self perpetuating continuity must be explained.
    I started with the Original series repeats on BBC2 they used to be on just before dinner was ready and progressed on to next generation, deep space nine and voyager. Now Virgin 1 is showing everything too and it’s wonderful to dip into.
    Enterprise was a bold step, and I think it’s still improving but I just want the Xindi thing to be resolved already.

    The film was amazing! Just great, loved pretty much every minute. We’ll probably go and see it again.
    Casting was great. I was worried about Simon Pegg in it but he pulled it off, ‘Sylar’ was great as Spock and Chris Pine was a good Kirk.
    Phil Plait has done a blogpost about the science of it. Reviews wise there’s millions of them out there, not even sure if i’ve seen a bad one! Empire Magazine Review.
    Metacritic Score 84/100

  8. Bank Holiday Films

    May 5, 2009 by Daniel

    This Bank Holiday we watched:

    Vicky Christina Barcelona

    Woody Allen’s latest, well when I say latest latest one I know about – he’s already done one since. This one featured well at the Oscars, Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for Penélope Cruz, who was awesome in it. She’s often great when in films in her mother tongue.. Before we started we had a bit of a discussion about Woody Allen himself, does the marriage thing mean that his films can’t be enjoyed? I’m not so sure so I’ll take each film as it comes.
    This one for me though was so so. The characters never feel real, or live in a real world. Money is of no consequence, nor time but only morals. The photography however is beautiful it just milks the “we’re artists” bit too much, “I bought this house from an artist friend of mine”.
    I dunno really.

    have now worked out what it was that bugged me in the film, it was the completely unnecessary voiceover. Where was the character that was doing it? Why were they explaining the things I can see before my eyes?

    Gran Torino

    When Clint Eastwood directs a film usually you know it’s going to be a little preachy and he’ll star in it, and growl some. Well now he’s said this will be the last one he’s going to be in and it was a great one to bow out on. Wasn’t sure at first whether it would turn out to be good but I got pulled into the story and the characters and was laughing at Walt Kowalski’s fight against the world changing around him.
    From his awful family to a neighbourhood changing beyond recognition and how he became friends with the family next door. I really liked this film. I want to be able to say it’s a warm film but I can’t. It’s just one man’s solution to the problems he sees around him. There were some wonderful performances as well, in particular the two kids from next door, Sue and Thao played by Ahney Her and Bee Vang who had not appeared in anything else before.

  9. Wolverine

    May 1, 2009 by Daniel

    At first I was a little dissapointed that the film dwelled so little on Wolverine’s early war years but quickly realised that as far as the story is concerned it’s irevelevant the the title sequence does very well at getting across what it needs to.
    I’m a sucker for Origins films, and wondered beforehand whether this would be the start of a glut of X-Men origins films and having seen it I hope not, they wouldn’t be able to compete with this one – and it also kind of shows a few of the other X-Men too.
    Went to the Bury Vue Cinema to see it which is usually a good experience, we go for a meal beforehand and wander over for the next showing. However this time was a little concerning with Bag Checks and staff walking to the front of the cinema during the film to spy on us and most furiatingly walking from one side of the screen to the other!!

    Trailer wise all of them seemed very strong, Harry Potter, one called 12 Rounds? Angels & Demons. Good stuff looking forward to them all.

  10. Monsters VS Aliens

    April 24, 2009 by Daniel

    Last night I saw my first 3D movie. I’m not sure how many movies firsts I can pin down like that. I have no idea what film I saw first was, at home or in the cinema. I can’t remember what my first film in Manchester was either. But this was the first time I’d worn special glasses to see a moving image that had a narrative device. At uni i’d seen them demonstrate 3D using glasses that had a special synchronised poloraity flickr, a bit more complex than the one’s we wore last night but probably no more effective. And in addition the movie was at the IMAX, I was probably grinning for the first 20 mins and would have regardless of what was on screen.
    So then we come to the film itself. It was one in the style of Toy Story – kids movie but with knowing nods to the Adults watching and watchable it was. It was amusing and had interesting characters and interesting ‘spot the reference’ nudges.
    So yeah if there’s a film coming out and it’s in 3D go for the experience. I’m not sure how many places are doing it yet but the IMAX in Manchester certainly is and it’s going to be a big summer in the IMAX I think.